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Ratta-apha W1, Sitdhiraksa N1, Sanguanpanich N1

1Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand

Methamphetamine, or “Ya Ba” in Thai, is one of the most popular drugs of abuse in Thailand. It becomes prevalent among teenagers and women whose use usually started as recreation, and sometimes to decrease appetite as a weight control. However, it is also leading to risks of unplanned pregnancy, child neglect and child abuse.
At Siriraj Hospital, a general (tertiary care) hospital, the number of pregnant women who use methamphetamine during pregnancy has increased. Data from the Siriraj Poison Control Center indicated that around 27% of women from the Labor and Delivery Unit during the period of 2013 – 2015 were positive for the presences of methamphetamine in urine.
The previous studies demonstrated that methamphetamine-using pregnant women were more likely to be low socioeconomic status, to have mental illnesses, and less pre- & postnatal care, and less Well-baby clinic visits than non-using pregnant women.
The number of methamphetamine use pregnant women who admitted at Siriraj Hospital and consulted to Department of Psychiatry for evaluation is increasing. The evaluation composes of psychiatric interviewing and comprehensive evaluation, social worker evaluation, making diagnoses, evaluating risks of child abuse and neglect, and providing management, including giving the recommendation to the Labour and Delivery Unit team and follow-up care.
According to our routine work, we plan to examine the characteristics of women who used methamphetamine during pregnancy and delivery at Siriraj Hospital. We plan to analyze factors that relate to the risk of postnatal risk of abuse or neglect. We hypothesize that the results of the characteristics and risk factors of high-risk group in our clinic may be able to represent the different dimensions of drug use in pregnant women in Thailand. We hope that the results could be used as the evidences for developing our guideline for comprehensive evaluation and management of methamphetamine use pregnant women and child care in the community.